Posted by: hcg1 | January 29, 2009

Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball

Normally regarded as the best basketball conference in the nation year after year, the ACC is no disappointment this year.  With 4 teams in the top 11, the conference has already boasted 3 teams at the number 1 spot in the rankings this season.  Wake Forest, Duke, and North Carolina have all held the top spot, but the level of play of the other teams in the conference is what has caught my attention.  Wake Forest BasketballWake Forest was number 1 in the country until they lost to a 14-5 Virginia Tech team.  North Carolina's Ty LawsonNorth Carolina was number 1 for awhile to start the regular season before they lost to a 16-6 Boston College Team.  Duke's Gerald HendersonAnd most recently at number 1, Duke lost an early-season game to Michigan before being ousted by Wake Forest last night.  The level of play is so high in the ACC, there are 10 teams with double digit wins this season.  The list of successful teams goes on and on as Clemson, who started the season 16-0 and is now 17-2, is number 11 in the country, BC, Florida State, and Miami have all had strong seasons and none of whom have lost more than 6 games.  It’s a tough game every night for the teams in this conference due to the hostility of the gyms where these teams play and the high level of competition that they’re used to.  The conference has always played at this high of a level and probably always will.  I’m partial to the West Coast Conference, and who knows how the top teams in our conference would match up against the top teams in their conference, but as far as depth goes, the ACC is unrivaled in the country.  ACCWhen tournament time comes, look for a large number of Atlantic Coast Conference teams to be included in March Madness.  With their impressive records and strength of schedules, the committee will be hard pressed to not allow these teams to play on into March.


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