Posted by: hcg1 | January 25, 2009

Margarito vs. Mosley

I watched the Antonio Margarito vs. Sugar Shane Mosley fight Saturday night on HBO and was shocked at what a great show it was. 

Many people predicted Margarito to beat Mosley and retain his welterweight title belt, and few people gave Mosely much aof a chance.  But from the opening bell, Mosley hit Margarito with strong lefts and rights, winning the first 8 rounds decisively.

Sugar Shane knocked Margarito down at the end of the eighth and Margarito’s corner should have thrown in the towel after that, because it didn’t take Mosley long to finish the knockout soon after the start of the ninth round, at 11:03 pm eastern time.  The win moved Mosley to 46-5 overall with 39 knockouts. 

Consequently, the loss at the Staples Center pushed Margarito down to 37-6 with 27 knockouts.   I don’t watch a lot of boxing matches, but I do watch the big ones and I was surprised at how much Mosley dominated Margarito.  Margarito never had a chance and Mosley’s knock-down and knock-out punching sequences were very impressive.  Mosley is a great fighter!


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