Posted by: hcg1 | January 12, 2009

The Production of Sports Today

As I was watching a large amount of sports this weekend(college basketball, NBA,  and NFL playoffs) I started to think about how much of a production the events of the major sports in our country has become!  These NFL games, the playoff ones especially, are heavily covered matches with numerous commercials the week before, to pregame shows before every game, to the games selling out almost the minute they go on sale for ridiculous amounts of money.  The fields are equipped with millions of cameras and microphones that make for the best possible coverage of the plays.  A camera covering a football field.There are even HD TV cameras suspended over the field to catch close-up slow-mo action shots.  The way we watch NFL games on TV has completely changed in the past ten years or so.  NBA games are a pretty big production as well with ticket prices being so high and games being so well covered.  There is a huge amount of advertising done for the NBA and the games are heavily watched and attended.  Even college basketball games are a big deal on TV nowadays.  Two camera men.I just wanted to point out the difference between big time sports on TV today, and in the past, when maybe one camera was used, and there were no alternate angles, and rarely were you able to hear the sound on the court or field.  Now we have a large amount of angles and the best cameras money can buy to spoil us with these broadcasts.  Big screen at home.TV coverage of sports has come an incredibly long way over the years.


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